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  • Sunday School: We believe that the study of God’s word is necessary for all Christians of all ages.  Our Sunday school offers classes for kids, teens, college-career age Christians, and adults. Nursery is provided for children under the age of 3.
  • Worship Services: We believe that worship to God should be done simply, with sincerity, and in truth.  We seek to honor God with our music, testimonies, offerings, and preaching.  We believe in traditional worship music and preaching from God’s Holy Word.
  • Missions: Our church believes in Grace Giving.  We believe that is a privilege to help support the efforts of missionaries across the world.  To that end we prayerfully support 24 missionaries, with three missionaries supported directly from our church.
  • Bus Route: The Lord has blessed us a bus and a van to help bring children and those who can’t get to church to the services.
  • Christ's Kid's Club: God has placed our church in an area were many children are ignored.  We believe that it is our mission as a church to reach out to these children in the best way possible.  Christ’s Kid's Club is designed to evangelize, disciple, and encourage young children in our area. One of the unique privileges we have as a church is to offer a camp scholarship to Junior age campers who would be unable to go to camp otherwise.
  • Youth Group: We believe that faith must be made real in the lives of teenagers.  We believe that they be actively encouraged to participate in their local church and make “Christianity their own”.  We have youth group outings to encourage fellowship and youth group outreaches to encourage vision.  We encourage our teenagers to take an active part in our Christ’s Kid's Club to encourage responsibility.
  • Church Activities: Throughout the year we have a number of activities for men, ladies, couples and families. We believe strongly in the family unit and believe that fellowship with like-minded believers will encourage and strengthen one another.